Old Soul

There's been so much going on in my life…It's been and up and down roller coaster… God has been doing amazing things in my life– or I should saying putting me in amazing places, I just have to be still and let him place me where he wants me! Sometimes you just have to take your hands off the wheel and ask Jesus to take over. Believe it or not, I thought I could guide myself through this crazy thing called life– about a month ago it dawned on me that the motions I've been going thru weren't getting me where I wanted to be. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over with no results– and I'm very results driven so I need to see results to feel a sense of contentment. I remember laying in bed practically in tears asking God to fix the way I've felt, ever since then things have been changing and for the better… Unfortunately at this point I can only share a small portion of the excitement with you–but I promise when my blessings come I will let you know!!! I am claiming God's blessings, this is going to my year– I feel it, I think I was just looking in the wrong direction all along. My husband and I started a business in July and we had our first big sale last month which was absolutely amazing– someone reached out to us, we didn't pursue them!!!! In case you are wondering what kind of business we started, its a promotional marketing company, we specialize in helping companies get the attention they deserve with the use of promotional marketing items! You can check out our website at : http://www.jrayspromotions.com, our website does not show even 1/4 of what we have to offer, we have over 8000 items available and we deal with over 260 companies to find the best price and highest quality for our clients! I am not trying to sell anything to any of my readers or followers– just want to share a little about one of my new passions.

Any way the title is "Old Soul"…. I had to catch you all up on what this old soul has been up to. But more on why I feel like an old soul, for years I've known I was an old soul, but some days its more prevalent than others. Today is one of those days, as I sat here tonight and drank a whole pot of coffee listening to old classic rock songs, I realized I am really not the typical 31 year old. I am cautious sometimes to a fault, I watch what I do as to not injure myself, I like to make home cooked meals, I don't like the bar, I like to go to church, I like to have my towels neatly folded, I don't like to live out of a basket, I like our lawn nicely manicured, I almost always opt for French tips when I get my nails done, I get my hair highlighted to cover up the gray, I don't really blast my music anymore, and most recently I've taken a liking to BINGO.

I have a lot of my mind, so I plan one writing again very soon– it might even directly follow this post… (which actually in an effort to be transparent I started a few weeks ago, so I had to tweak it just a bit).


Gracefully Rambling


2015 is knocking on the door….

The New Year is creeping around the corner and in an attempt to help me reach my goals and maybe inspire a few people along the way I am going to start a blog….

So a little about me… I recently married my best friend, I’m in my very late 20’s, my family is everything to me, I am a full time banker, my husband and I have two dogs and they are our children. I love to craft, write, bake, and cook. There are so many things I yearn to accomplish in life. I’ve struggled with my weight pretty much my whole life. My cup is always 1/2 full, God is very important to me–however at times I am guilty of trying to steer the car when I should just be throwing my hands up and letting Jesus take the wheel. I love country music, and well I guess the rest you’ll learn along our journey together.

In the New Year I’d like to:
-become a better Christian
-have Christmas in my heart all year long
-spend more with time my family, which includes my husband and pooches
-become more frugal, and focus on savings and pay down debt
-grow my craft business
-get healthy once and for all
-focus on my career and go the distance
-no longer allow myself to be the victim of bullying

With that being said my thought for the day is: Sometimes the people with the least are the most generous, and they don’t count their wealth in riches or material things but in the joy they bring to others.

Happy New Years Eve friends see you next year 😉

Warm Wishes,