My hiatus…

I took a pause, but I am back!!!!

So I haven’t written in a little over a year.  I feel like I owe some type of explanation as in why I haven’t sat down to pen my heart out to you.  I know of one faithful reader, my mom who often encourages me to write and reminds me to write–and still the words haven’t flowed from my fingers.  My mother enjoys my writing so if no one else ever reads what I’m thinking that’s okay, just as long mother can read my inner most thoughts.

My mother–the woman who doesn’t judge me no matter how much she has a right to (after all she did bring me into this world)…My mother is amazing and there is simply no better word to describe her, I tell the woman virtually everything and if there’s something I missed out I’m sure she’ll read it here.  I do feel that I write better than I can speak, maybe that’s because my mouth moves faster than my brain during conversation, but when writing my brain, my fingers, and my eyes can dance like a well-choreographed dance team.

So a lot has gone on in the last year, but then again I feel like nothing has changed.  My home life is good–every day I fall deeper in love with my husband, and I wonder how on earth did I end up with such amazing fur babies.  I started two home based businesses- Origami Owl and Younique Make-up.  I was drawn to Origami Owl, because it’s about putting your story in a locket–and we all have a story!  I fell in love with Younique by accident–I love the confidence it brings to women. I am still working in a Bank and loving what I do there. But this blog really isn’t about how I’m doing financially–because you know what…Yes you are going to hear a banker predominantly in a sales position say this…There is more to life than money, yes it’s needed to survive…but there is so much more…there is family, friends, and JESUS….

There is JESUS!!!  The biggest change in my life in the last year is that I have gone back to church.  I’ve done this several times, but this time is different–I am on my path to Jesus with my Mom!!!  I am not trying to bargain with Jesus as I have done so many times before…You know the way it goes, I’ll do this Jesus if you give me this…But the truth is everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is in his timing.  I am no longer praying for God to give me anything specific just to watch over my loved ones and I.  I am asking him to put me where HE WANTS me, and I am asking HIM to USE ME as HE SEES fit.  I’ve noticed some positive changes in me, but as Matchbox Twenty would say…”I’m still trailer trash in new shoes”…And just to clarify I am not judging you or calling you trash if you live in a trailer–it’s just lyrics from my all-time favorite band.  I have a lot more work that needs to be done with myself: I still curse too much, and sometimes judge others, and sometimes I say mean things… The beautiful thing about Jesus is that he has already forgiven me for my wrong doings I just pray that he makes me more wholesome every day!

Yours Truly,

Gracefully Rambling


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