When you make a choice of ceasing to exist

So I promised to write about my Dad’s side next…but sometimes life brings you an unexpected storm and you need to adjust your sails…so without getting into personal detail… Let me just say this, if my blog conveys one thing to you– let it be that LIFE is worth living wether you are at rock bottom or not…if life is the worst it’s ever been, good news it will get better. If you are sad talk to someone, get help, seek counseling–but what ever you do, don’t seek the alternative of ceasing to exist. When you cease to exist due to your own will, you leave those who love you and cared about you drowning in sorrow. It’s not like passing from a disease that couldn’t be cured, or a heart that stopped beating–it’s knowing that someone you loved hurt so much inside and you didn’t even know. It’s knowing that you weren’t there with a reassuring hug, or a shoulder to weep upon, or shoulders broad enough to help your loved bear their burden. The ones left behind are the ones who suffer in the end, they are the ones who bear a burden there is no solution for because the end has already came, and the out come is final.

For something I feel so strongly about I thought the words would flow from my finger tips, but they just aren’t… Maybe it’s because it’s so final, we all came into this earth the same way by birth and will all leave by death. Life is precious, the good times and the bad.

I believe we are given bad times so we can have a true appreciation for the good times.