2015 is knocking on the door….

The New Year is creeping around the corner and in an attempt to help me reach my goals and maybe inspire a few people along the way I am going to start a blog….

So a little about me… I recently married my best friend, I’m in my very late 20’s, my family is everything to me, I am a full time banker, my husband and I have two dogs and they are our children. I love to craft, write, bake, and cook. There are so many things I yearn to accomplish in life. I’ve struggled with my weight pretty much my whole life. My cup is always 1/2 full, God is very important to me–however at times I am guilty of trying to steer the car when I should just be throwing my hands up and letting Jesus take the wheel. I love country music, and well I guess the rest you’ll learn along our journey together.

In the New Year I’d like to:
-become a better Christian
-have Christmas in my heart all year long
-spend more with time my family, which includes my husband and pooches
-become more frugal, and focus on savings and pay down debt
-grow my craft business
-get healthy once and for all
-focus on my career and go the distance
-no longer allow myself to be the victim of bullying

With that being said my thought for the day is: Sometimes the people with the least are the most generous, and they don’t count their wealth in riches or material things but in the joy they bring to others.

Happy New Years Eve friends see you next year 😉

Warm Wishes,



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